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January 27th, 2011 - 2:55 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Jan 27 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Danny Gokey was outside comforting the contestants who were standing in line to audition on last night’s episode of ‘American Idol’. In the hometown of Danny, Milwaukee Wisconsin, the contender were so nervous they were in tears. “This was me two years ago,” Danny stated.

Scotty was the first contestant, a sixteen year old with a deep country voice similar to Josh Turner. He sang a Josh Turner song, “Just to Be Your Man.” He sounded so much like Josh it was crazy. Steven Tyler asked for another song, which showed more range, and Scotty sang a Travis Tritt song. “Well hellfire save some matches, **** a duck and see what hatches!” Steven said. They all gave him a “Yes.” Scott McCrerry may be the name to remember. Jennifer Lopez said, “With the right songs, we discovered him! That kid is on his way.” Incidentally, Scott attends the same high school as Clay Aiken.

Joe came next, a communications student from Ohio who was “most excited to see the lovely “Ms Jennifer.” He hopes to be a “radio personality” like Ryan Seacrest. He sang “For the Longest Time.” It did not go so well. Steven told him “Do not quit your day job.” They all encouraged him to go on to be a DJ. They all gave him a “No.”

Emma from Littleton, Colorado was thrilled to hear that the show’s age limit had been lowered to fifteen, and they traveled fourteen hours to get there. She sang Cindy Lauper’s “True Colors,” and did quite well, with moments of shakiness in her voice. Steven loved it, Jennifer said it had a special quality, but that she was not yet ready, and gave her a “no.” Steven gave her a “yes,” and it was up to Randy, who said, “I really really honestly believe that you will get swallowed up in all this.” As she cried, and begged for a chance, Randy put her through.

It was once again time to suffer through a few very very bad auditions. Naima finally took the stage, and had an amazing voice. Jennifer liked the whole package. Steven thought she was “all that.” They all gave her a “yes.”

Thia sang “Chasing Rainbows” and went through with flying colors. Many more fifteen year old were sent through. Jerome Bell sang Marvin Gaye and the judges loved it as well. A civil war re-en-actor was denied, as was Mason Wilkerson.

A Harvard grad who was granted in internship in the White House was next. She says she is in love with the President…”Not in the Monica Luinski- Bill Clinton way, but in a platonic way.” She sang “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”. Molly Dewolf was actually very good. “Who knew what’s going on in the White House?” Randy stated. Steven liked it, as did Jennifer. She was voted through. Haley was a contestant last season in Chicago. “They told me to come back, and I was crushed…Randy was there.” But she came back. Haley rocked the stage… and the judges loved it.

Tiwan Strong came with “Twisting the Night Away” and was excellent. Steven liked his sparkle and his voice, Jennifer thought he did a really good job with it, and Randy liked him. Steve Bigoon was next, an accountant who had a nice voice which Steven found “disturbingly great”. He was passed through.

Vernika sang “Loving You”, and even with a second try, she was not able to do well. As Jennifer and Steven tried to tell her that she may not be ready, she became very angry. Before the judges could even tell her yes or no, she asked then “Is this because I’m not skinny like half of these people.” She walked out before the judges could even vote.

Albert Rogers III took the stage to sing “Stand By Me.” His voice shook with obvious nervousness, but he was not so good. Steven liked it, but just was not sure it was American Idol. Randy felt it was horrible and a joke. Steven was shocked at Randy’s crudeness, but they all gave him a “No.” The next contestant said that he had found love in the Idol line and was kissing a girl before he came in. Scot sand “Dream” and reached noted which caused Jennifer to say, “You might be my favorite I’ve seen so far.” Randy said “100 million percent yes”, and Steven loved him as well.

Ali stated that Steven Tyler is one of her idols and when she saw him, she cried. She wants to bring more rock and roll to Idol. Steven began to tease her, and had her completely flustered. He came forward to hug her as she and the other judges laughed. She chose to song “Come Together” by the Beatles. She had a gruff sound that fit the song well. They asked her to an Aerosmith song, and she agreed to do “Dream On” with Steven doing back up. But Steven had to tell her that she was very pitchy, ans that scared him. Randy gave her a no, because she wasn’t ready. Jennifer gave her a yes, which left her fate in the hands of her idol. He gave her a yes.

Chris Medina, a twenty six year old Chicago native was the final contestant, and another heart touching story, He and his fiance have been together for 8 years. On October 2, 2009, she was in an accident, and everything changed. She suffered a traumatic brain injury. She woke up a month and a half later. Her mother and himself are her caretakers, and he has stuck by her side with disabilities which left her in a wheelchair, needing constant care. Chris was about to marry her two months after the accident. He tearfully asked the judges, “What kinda guy would I be if I were to walk out when she needed me the most?”

Chris sang “Break Even” and his voice was rich, and warm. The judges asked to meet his girlfriend, Julie. The story, the voice, and meeting Julie brought Steven Tyler to tears, and Chris is on to Hollywood, and is listed among the top 40 winners.

Fifty three people were sent through from Milwaukee to Hollywood.

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