American Idol: Hollywood Begins

February 11th, 2011 - 3:22 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Feb 11 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As the Hollywood competition began, just as every year, the contestants walked out in groups of ten, and took the stage. Brett is the carrot topped singer who was picked on for his high pitched voice all his life. He sang ‘Let it Be’, and despite the fact the he was so nervous he was “shakin in my pants right now”. He had to wait until the rest of the singers had sung, to hear his verdict. Symphony and Brett were the only two who made it through. Jennifer Lopez looked about ready to cry as she whispered, “This is awful,” hating to send anyone home.

Rachel Zevita was up next, followed by Thia. Casey, and they were all sent through to the next round. Victoria Huggins, the charismatic southern belle says she is prepared to be in Hollywood for a long time. But she did not make it. She fell into her mother’s arms in tears, and went home to North Carolina.

James, who was diagnosed with Tourette’s and Asberger, belted his song out, and Steven Tyler once again seemed thrilled. Fifteen year old Lauren and Stormi, Miss Teen USA had to sing as well. Stormi did quite well with “Why Don’t You Stay”, as did Lauren with “Unchained Melody”. James, Stormi, and Paris were asked to step forward, and were on to the next round. Stormi was sent home.

Chris Medina, whose fiance is in a wheelchair ever since the horrible accident which postponed their wedding for the last two years took the stage. Steven Tyler asked how she was, and Chris answered tearfully that she is better daily, and he is very proud of her. He was sent on through to the next level.

Hollie had such a bad case of nerves, and Jaycee sang “Broken Road”. Robbie wowed the judges, and Hollie finally pulled herself together to sing as well. They were all sent through. Steve tried out as well, and Steven Tyler could be heard saying “This is hard.” Steve was not sent through but the other three were.

Rob and Chelsea, the “ex couple” were up to sing… Jennifer predicted that this couple would be back together soon. Chelsea left a boyfriend back at home, and the situation seems tense, as it is very obvious these two still care deeply for each other. Rob sang “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” and he and Chelsea both did great, they are both through. The next couple, Nick and Jacqueline were separated, however. Nick begged for another chance, but the judges said no. He walked toward the back, and sang anyway, which Randy responded to with another strong ,”No.”

Sixteen year old Scotty sang “Why Don’t We Just Dance” which the audience and the judges seemed to love. Travis, whose family ended up in a homeless shelter when his dad lost his job, was sent back home, but he says he will not give up. Many more were sent through in the first season which has been judged by singers judging singers since Paula Abdul left the show.

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