American Idol, Group Rounds: Contestants Under Pressure

February 17th, 2011 - 2:03 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Feb 17 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The pressure was high in Pasadena for “American Idol” as one hundred and sixty eight contestants had made it through the first cut. Now they only have one night to pick and learn a song and perform the routine the next morning for the judges…in groups. They have to form into groups and rehearse together. Each group had to be made up of both day one and day two contestants.

But no one wanted Tiffany from New Jersey in their group. She is the one who stated last week that she was sick of watching everyone try to do what she knew she could do.Scotty refused her and said that she was “crazy.” She finally found one person willing to sing with her, and producers decided to let their “three member minimum” rule slide for them. She and her partner did not make it through.

Scotty also turned down the “Sugar Mama’s” after they sung their song, “Mercy.” Forming the groups became a tense and difficult task. Jaycee joined forces with the Sugar Mamas although he did not know the song.

The first group, made up of the three New York ladies made it through. Meanwhile, rivalry broke out between “Four Forty” and “Four Plus One”, because Jordon left “Four Forty” to join “Four Plus One.” But it paid off, and all of the members of “Four Plus One” made it through. “Four Forty” came next with “Forget You.” They were all through as well.

The next group asked for Steven Tyler to come up on stage and sit in a chair for them to sing to him. They ganged around him and sang “Some Kinda Wonderful” and of course, he had to join in. It was quite a show. Lauren’s group did not go through, she is going through alone. This is the fifteen year old gospel singer from Georgia who Steven Tyler said could be “The One.”

Several of the favorites were sent home, with many tears and broken hearts. Some found it difficult to harmonize, and although they had been great solo, their voices failed them when they had to sing with others. Ashley and her group put on a terrific show, and Randy called them the best harmonized group he had seen, and they all went through.

“The Minors,” a group of fifteen and sixteen year olds rocked the stage, and got a standing ovation from the judges. “This is what I joined forces with American Idol to hear,” Steven told them. And they were all sent through to the next round. “The Night Owls” decided to sing acapella. Julie and Casey made it through, and the rest went home. “Four Non Blondes and That Guy” all made it through except for Devin.

“The Sugar Mamas” changed their name to “Sugar Mama and the Babies” once Jaycee joined. It was clear that Jaycee was a little off, but once he told the judges how he had been kicked out of Scotty’s group, and was added late to the group, and didn’t know the song, the whole group was sent through.

When Scotty came forward with his group, Randy asked them why Jaycee was missing. Steven told them that for that reason, they should all have to step back. Scotty stepped up and said that he wanted to apologize for not sticking up for Jaycee, because “Jaycee is the best kid in this competition.” They all went through as well, but Scotty was crying because he still felt bad about Jaycee.

Ex couple Rob and Chelsea added Jaqueline to their group, but tensions were high, and Rob was very tired. Rob did not even remember his lyrics, and sang about forgetting them, but “I’m gonna do my best, I’m gonna do my best…” but he could not do it. Rob and Chelsee faced their final break up as Rob went home.

Around a hundred contestants made it, and half of those who made it through last night will be cut tonight. Who will they be? We can only wait to see who will make it through on tonight’s American Idol.

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