American Idol: Georgia Girl Lauren Alaina “The One”?

January 28th, 2011 - 2:19 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Jan 28 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Christine sang “I hope You Dance” which brought laughter from randy who said, “Really?” while she was still performing. He repeated the “Really?” several times. They gave her a ‘No”. Jennifer told Randy that he was mean. When she came out, she told Ryan and her mom that Steven Tyler had given her a yes, even though he had clearly said no.

The next contestant was a couple, who were broken up, which sang “You Don’t Know What it’s Like” together. Then Rob sang “Mother Mother” and was awesome. Chelsee went next, and sang beautifully as well. They were both given a ‘Yes’ from all three judges. When they came out, her boyfriend was outside to greet her…and had to congratulate the man who is going to Hollywood with his girl.

Allen, a tattoo artist with a beard and bandanna was next. While describing his taste in music he looked at Randy and said, “Well, yours might be chocolate, and mine’s vanilla,” which seemed to shock Jennifer. He was not so great, and seemed a little buzzed, perhaps on excitement?

Stormi sang “Father can You Hear Me?” Stormy was Miss Teen Tennessee 2009, but now she wants to see how far she can make it on her talent. Steven gave her a yes, Jennifer felt she wasn’t ready, Randy gave her a golden ticket. Jennifer made it obvious that she thinks Stormi made it through because of her looks, not her talent.

Adrienne came out next with an amazing voice singing a Lady Antebellum song and the judges all loved her. It almost made Steven cry and he couldn’t say why. She is on to Hollywood. Adrienne is an African American who was adopted by older Caucasian parents, when she was two years old, who raised her on a farm in Kentucky. She rushed to call them with the great news. “Well I’m tickled,” her father said.

Randy seemed to be trying to fill the shoes of Simon. He became quite brutal with the contestants, and Steven called him on it a few times. Ryan even had to hold one guy as he cried. Watching the heartbroken ones come out, Jackie was shaking like a leaf before her audition. She had a nice vibrato in hear voice, and the judges were obviously relieved to hear some good talent. She received an ovation from the judges, and they all gave her a yes.

Lotoya is a twenty six year old recording artist who considers herself a star and says that when people look at her they just know it. She also says she is designed to be here. She opened her mouth, and the sound which came out was, in Randy’s words, “annoying”. She could not believe it. As she went to leave, she sang again…to which Randy replied, “Still a ‘no’.”

Paul did an awesome job on “Maggie”, Jimmie was great as well. Danny belted out “Papa was a Rollin Stone” and the judges sang along, and gave him three yes votes. Several more went through. Matt came in wearing a black tank top under overalls. His family takes in foster kids, and has special needs kids. They have taken in seven hundred kids in twenty three years. He sang “You Lift Me Up.” Steven was on the fence, Randy gave him a yes, Jennifer said no, Steven put him through.

Lauren was the final contestant of the night. She is a fifteen year old favorite of Nigel Lythgoe, who has really spoke well of her in Tweets. Lauren is a Georgia girl, who sings at gospel functions all over. The judges called her the best they have seen today. Jennifer told her not to cry, cause then Jennifer would cry. Steven told her she should cry…tears of joy. Randy said she had a God given talent. (She does!) She called her family in, and sang “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” with Steven Tyler, and blew them all away. Steven said he believes they have found “the one.”

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