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February 10th, 2011 - 3:05 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Feb 10 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The first contestant on American Idol did a belly dance, and then tried to sing….and got three no votes, although all three judges felt she was “cute as a button.” When she left, she told them that they had made a mistake, and that they would see her again. Brittany had them “Begging for Mercy”… and Matthew “Can Live Again”, and the San Francisco show was off to a good start.

Stefano was in an accident in May of 2009, which changed his life forever. He woke up to a firefighter who screamed to the EMT “He’s alive, he’s alive!” He was told he would never be the same, but he was on his feet within four months after being in a wheelchair and not being able to play the piano. He said it left a burn in him. He sang “Heard it Through the Grapevine” note for note with an awesome voice! The judges were in love. He is on to Hollywood.

Junebug sang a song about how the world had better prepare for when he is a millionaire. Steven said it was brilliant…Randy said one of the best in San Francisco, and Jennifer thought it was very very nice. Took a Power Wheels, and made himself into a Transformer, who sang “Born to Be Wild” but he received a no.

Julie was trying out on her twentieth birthday. Julie is from Columbia. She lived in the middle of the rain-forest on a hill until she was eight. They left everything and left, without telling anyone, due to guerrillas tormenting the people there. She sang ‘Summertime’. Steven felt she did beautifully. Jennifer did as well. Randy agreed, and they all liked her shoes. (Golden glittery high heels). As she shared the news with her family, the judges speculated on whether or not she could be the winner.

Dave sang “Oh Darlin” by the Beatles, but Steven asked him, “What happened, I thought you were gonna represent.” He seemed to have touched a raw nerve in Steven, and the other two judges noticed. Steven continued to be cranky, asking one contestant if he had hit his head on the way in?” He told one girl in a cop suit that she should be arrested for her voice.

Emily Ann if from Arlington, VA, but now lives in San Francisco. Just the previous week, he house caught on fire, and she lost the first home she was ever really excited to live in. She hopes American Idol will change her life. She sang “You’re Getting to be a Habit With Me.” She had an unusual but very good voice. Jennifer said she’d never heard anything like it. Steven loved her “old timey voice” but said her harmony was off, and he felt she was not ready. Randy disagreed and said yes, and Jennifer gave her one more chance.

Singers from everywhere came to try out for American Idol…but the final contestant of last night was another sad story for Idol. James’ mom raised him and his two older sisters as his dad was a base player with a band, and he never really knew him. His dad died of a drug overdose when he was nine. He cried as he shared his story. He was diagnosed with Tuerettes, and Asberger’s, and was picked on most of his adolescence.

He met “his angel” and fell in love. They now have a two year old son, and with James not working, sometimes he cannot even afford diapers. He sang “Sing With Me” by Aerosmith, and Steven approved of the rendition of his own song. “You go away when you sing..” Jennifer said. Randy really liked him, and Steven said it was over the top. They all gave him a yes. “To hear Steven Tyler approve of me singing one of HIS songs….this is unbelievable!” James cried as he laughed into the camera. And with that..the season’s auditions were over.

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