American Idol 10th Season Premiere - Jan 19

January 20th, 2011 - 3:52 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Jan 19 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As the tenth season of ‘American Idol’ began last night, there were many new aspects to the show. Replacing Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul was Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Along with Randy Jackson, there were just three judges who were there to choose from the many contestants to decide who would go to Hollywood. This year’s winner will be given a record contract with Jimmy Lovine, who has helped such names as the Black Eyed Peas, and Lady Gaga.

From the Meadowlands in New Jersey, the crowds went wild inside of a stadium. Twenty two year old Rachel, who auditioned in season six, came back to sing ‘Hallelujah’. Steven Tyler seemed to love her high notes. Jennifer said it was not the best audition she could have given, but she explained that she was nervous in front of stars which she had looked up to since she was four years old. Jennifer said yes, as did Steven and Randy..and she is on to Hollywood.

Caleb Hawley from New York blew the judges away…and Steven Tyler seemed to be dying to join in, and even drummed along and hit a note or two. Steven loved it, Jennifer did as well, and Randy liked it too. They all put him through. Kenzi came next, and at only fifteen years old, she could become the youngest ever Idol winner. All three judges sent her through.

When the next contestant came out to perform, Jennifer showed that Ryan Seacrest was perhaps wrong to call her “the mean one”. She found it extremely difficult to say “No” to a contestant who could obviously not sing. Steven Tyler and Randy did not seem to have the same problem, and they all three gave her a “no” vote.

Tiffany from Morris Plaines, New Jersey had on a bikini top with stars in conscious places. She is a dance teacher who is Puerto Rican. When she actually got to meet Jennifer Lopez, she began to cry at meeting her “role model.” She sang an original song which she wrote just for the show, which suggested that “America needs me for higher ratings on TV.” Then she went on to do her version of “I’m Your Lady.” The judges loved it, and all gave her a “yes.”

Sixteen year old Robbie Rosen said he had been waiting for his moment since he was seven. He sang “Yesterday” by the Beatles. “Wow.” was Steven’s response. “I like you,” added Jennifer.” Randy loved it as well. Robbie is being called “American Idol Season 10’s first sob story, because he was in a wheelchair as a child, but he is actually very good, and I expect him to go far.

As one contestant began to sing “Proud Mary”, Jennifer looked to Steven and begged, “Make it stop, please?” Steven stopped him and asked , “Did you eat paint chips as a child?” When he actually tried singing another song, Steven responded, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” But when Steven tried to let him down easy, Randy told him to stop singing, ever, at all.

Sixteen year old Victoria, from Lumberton, North Carolina came out with an adorable southern accent. “I got to hug and touch RYAN SEACREST!” She said enthusiastically. She sang “Leaving on that Midnight Train to Georgia.” Her voice was awesome, although her timing was a bit off. Jennifer gave her a “yes” as everyone else laughed. Randy seemed hesitant, until Victoria looked at him and said “Yo Yo DAWG,” which made all three judges roar with laughter. “Just for having the most personality of anyone on Idol ever, I give her a “Yes!” Randy laughed. And Victoria is through to Hollywood.

The next contestant is a Kosovian war refugee and her family had a very hard life. Her father won a “Green Card Lottery” to give his family a chance to come to America. Melina Ademi opened her mouth and an amazing voice came out. She got three “Yes” votes. Devyn Rush, a singing waitress from Times Square was next, and she blew the judges away with her rich vocals singing ‘God Bless the Child That’s Got His Own.’ The judges told her she was a star, and she needed to begin to live the part. They all sent her on through.

Jimmy Kennedy did not score so well. The judges sang along with Genise on ‘I’m a Believer’ but all said “No” to her as well. It looks as though Randy will be the nest “mean one” since he is having no problem at all rejecting people, while J-Lo is still experiencing a great deal of stress at having to tell anyone they cannot sing. These three judges interact very well together, and could very well bring the freshness which ‘American Idol’ needed to survive.

Yoshi Pop from Japan was up next. When asked to tell his story, he said he had been imitating since before he was born, in the womb, but he did not want to do it. He wanted to do “Party in the USA,” It was like….a very bad drugged out“Thriller” version of Miley Cyrus.. with Michael Jackson moves…and a strange voice, and all the eeriness of the Zombies. Needless to say, he did not make it.

Brielle from Staten Island had a history of singing in her family. Her dad was a member of a “Doo Wap” group. He was diagnosed with throat cancer just before her 16th birthday, but is cancer free as of now. He says she is the reason that he made it through. She sang “Endless Love.” Steven told her that she had a beautiful voice. Randy asked her to bring her dad in, so that they could put her through with him present.

The final contestant of the night was also sixteen. Travis is a twin who grew up in the Bronx, and lived in a shelter while his dad was sick. They had lived in a residential neighborhood, but lost everything they had when his dad became unable to work. Travis says that his brother is the one who pushed him to use his talent. “Yeah we were in the shelter, we’re not anymore,” he exclaimed, saying that he hopes to use his talent to help his family.

Steven asked him to hear something else after he sang a Beatles tune, so he sang “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Jennifer liked him, as did Steven, and he was on to Hollywood. Season 10 is off to an exciting start. These three judges work well together, and bring a hilarious excitement to the show which was not really there before. I am anxious to see how they will interact with Ryan Seacrest once the auditions are over. It is likely the mix of these four will bring new life to American Idol.

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