All Miley Cyrus wants in life is chapstick and music

May 2nd, 2009 - 1:58 pm ICT by ANI  

Miley Cyrus Melbourne, May 2 (ANI): With the Hannah Montana movie all set for release, Miley Cyrus is being flocked by hoards of fans and paparazzi, but all she really wants in life is her chapstick and music.

In a recent interview, the 16-year-old starlet has admitted that although she hates make-up but always remembers to carry a chapstick in her bag.

“I’m like chapstick-obsessed so always have chapstick. I hate it when my lips get dry, especially on the plane my lips get terribly dry,” The Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

When asked to give some beauty tips for fans, Miley said: “I think just like being natural and having confidence, you know. When I’m not working I don’t like a lot of make-up or being very done up. I think just be very natural. Chapstick is my main thing but usually I don’t wear make-up. I don’t like the way it feels. I feel like I have a mask. You can’t move.

However, music is her life, and when it comes to partying, she’d dance to a ‘Beatles’ tune any day.

She said: “Just music. Just like lying on my bed, listening to music, that’s my favourite thing. That’s why I like plane rides ’cause I can just sit there and listen to all my music.

“I’m like a ginormous Beatles fan so that’s my favourite stuff. I like chilling around and playing old Johnny Cash songs and old John Lennon songs . . . it’s all good.”

Revealing her favourite John Lennon song, she said: “Well, ‘Imagine’ is my favourite but I feel like it’s a little cliched to say that you know, so ‘Jealous Guy’ is my favourite. Yeah, he’s amazing.”

And with all the adulation from fans Miley is experiencing a lot many things.

When asked about the most memorable way a fan has tried to catch her attention, she said: “There’s a lot. I’ve been proposed to a few times. You would freak if you saw some of the signs they make sometimes, big flashing signs. It’s crazy but it’s pretty cool.

“I think they’re very creative. It’s crazy how creative people get. I’m like, I don’t know if I ever loved a star that much, to go through and buy them a ring and everything.” (ANI)

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