Alison Sweeney on Fitness and her Show

May 14th, 2009 - 12:02 am ICT by GD  

Alison Sweeney, best known for her portrayal of the devious Samantha “Sami” Gene Brady on the American soap opera Days of our Lives, is taking her new role as fitness host on NBC’s The Biggest Loser to newer dimensions by pushing herself to newer fitness routines with EA Sports Active for Wii. Sweeney, a second time mother, recently spoke about the epic season on The Biggest Loser and how the contestants inspired in her the urge to get rid of her pregnancy fat and also advised new mothers about losing the fat quickly.

About the new EA Sports Active for Wii, Alison said, “It’s fantastic because it’s not just the workout, it’s a whole journal that you do so you really get a sense of the entire health picture. It’s a trainer in a box and the nice thing about the workout is that it’s interactive, so it makes sure you’re challenging yourself and trying to be as fit as you can. I’m trying to get back into shape after my pregnancy so it works for me, and then it also has a lighter intensity for someone who’s brand-new and has never done a workout a day in their life. So it really offers something for everyone.”

About The Biggest Loser, Alison commented, “We call it the biggest season ever, but it’s true on so many levels. It’s the longest season we’ve ever had. We brought in the biggest contestant, male and female, the oldest, the youngest. We brought in the most amazing people. Kristin is a great example of someone [who] got to the ranch, not just for herself, but for everyone sitting at home on their sofa watching the show. Every week she’d get up on that scale, whether she succeeded or failed, and know that people are looking at her, and she wanted to reach out through that TV screen and help them and tell them you can do this yourself.”

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