Alicia Keys say’s sorry to Indonesian fans as Phillip Morris withdraws from sponsorship

July 31st, 2008 - 4:08 pm ICT by David M N James  

Singer Alicia Keys has said sorry to fans in Indonesia.

Alicia apologized to Indonesians after they went up in arms over her tobacco sponsored tour of the Jakarta. Alicia found out that her upcoming concert was sponsored by the Philip Morris Tobacco Company. Anti-smoking organization Tobacco Free Kids was up in arms protesting against Alicia Keys involvement with such a company. The problem onset when the company through a local affiliate in Indonesia begun propping up billboards popularizing the up coming event. The bill boards sport a logo for the A Mild cigarette brand outraging the anti-smoking group. The group wrote an open letter to Alicia keys. The letter was signed by anti-tobacco agencies, anti-smoking group Tobacco Free Kids. In the letter, they pointed out that the sponsorship was not in line with her message and principles about children’s health. Alicia is involved in children health and welfare through a foundation renowned Keep A Child Alive which looks into HIV/AIDS epidemic in poor countries.

The Multi-platinum-selling Grammy award winner R&B singer apologized to her Indonesian fans and reassured them that Philip Morris Tobacco Company had subsequently withdrawn their sponsorship. Phillip Morris have an online sweepstake for mild and real tobacco smokers renowned flavor-chase which offer attractive prices but has stoked controversy over how to enter. Alicia keys said in a statement that “I apologize for any misleading advertising initially associated with the show. I’m an unyielding advocate for the well-being and health of children around the world and do not condone or endorse smoking. I look forward to bringing my music and message to my wonderful fans in Jakarta”.

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