Alan Rickman playing the wine snob in “Bottle Neck”

May 18th, 2009 - 8:38 pm ICT by GD  

The movie “Bottle Shock” comes as a nice and feel good film, which has been made as a semi-comic reminder to the historical moments of the 1970s, the period when wines from the California’s Napa Valley took on the best of the French lot and won.

The title of the movie “Bottle Neck” is a mischievous play on the great cultural shock that this occurrence represented in the wine circles. But more than that the title an the movie actually tries to enlighten the viewers on the consequences of transporting first class wine in the “cargo hold of an aircraft.” This is one of the things valuable message, in regard to wines that the film tries to send across to its viewers.

In the film, Alan Rickman makes his appearance as the Steven Spurrier, the British wine expert. Steven Spurrier runs wine business which is not doing very well, in fact his business is failing. But he soon hits upon a worthwhile idea that could make amends to his failing business and put things right.

Alan Rickman plays the part of the Steven Spurrier, who is a “self-parodying wine snob” to the utmost perfection. Rickman steals all of the scenes that he is in by virtually pulling the rug from his own feet. One of E!online reviews on the movie said,”It’s hard not to adore a British actor who not only sends up his own pretentious poise, but does so while hanging the pretensions of the French out to dry.”

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