Akshay Kumar on the battle of the sexes

June 12th, 2009 - 4:56 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Akshay Kumar on the battle of the sexes Bollywood is back with a bang is what Akshay has said in his blog on facebook. He had been enjoying all these while from his mother-in-law surprise birthday bash to the end of the strike of multiplexes strike. Now Akki is all set for the battle of sexes on screen with his up coming movie Kambakht Ishq.

The film explores the relationship between two individuals as different from each other. No matter how many times they are pushed together, there are only like poles apart. “It’s been the longest war since man kind. Who’s the better sex? Men or Women? Well let me tell you now, I may be releasing a movie where I am playing a typical male chauvinistic pig, who only thinks of “one thing”, and doesn’t care a damn about women’s feelings at all,” he stated in the blog.

Though he clarified that in real life it’s totally opposite to what he is in the film. Let’s see what he thinks about the women. “Women more loyal but God blessed them with the power of giving birth, and I respect his decision, coz I know for sure no man could ever go through what women go through. And after them putting us wonderful men here on this planet we dare to take their freedom of speech or belittle their gender,” is what he explains.

Equalizing the battle Akki chirped that, “Lets face it both sexes are equally annoying and equally right in the own way, that’s why we do eventually get married. So for those of you who aren’t Gay then you all know deep down you can’t live life without the woman that you love, be it your wife or your mother, even if they do make you do the dishes!” he concludes in his blog.

Well Akki in real seems to have lost the battle to his dear and better half Tina. Now we can say he is a true gentleman who can respect the opposite sex!
- Rachana Trivedi / Sampurn Media
Akshay Kumar on the battle of the sexes

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