Actress Cathy Moriarty Charged With Hit-and-Run

November 7th, 2010 - 8:43 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

cathy November 7, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): Academy Award nominated actress Cathy Moriarty, who is most remembered for her performance in the movie ‘Raging Bull’, recently got embroiled in a lot of controversy after she displayed her bad driving skills and made a run for it. The actress allegedly rammed her car against another and sped off from the accident.

It has been reported that Moriarty was driving a silver Chrysler in New York Last month when she smashed into a Volvo without any warning and simply drove off without even apologizing. As per the recently released police report, it has been found that Moriarty was in a bit of a hurry and apparently she jumped a red light and bumped into the Volvo. Then she simply sped off from the spot without even checking if she had injured anyone.

The cops soon paid a visit to Moriarty and they also found her Silver Chrysler with a dent in front where it hit the Volvo. However, Moriarty chose to play dumb and denied any knowledge of the accident whatsoever. Cathy surely needs to get a driver who has a better road sense than her.

Police has not been able to ascertain if Cathy was under the influence of drugs and alcohol during the alleged incident. A formal investigation has been launched to look into the matter. The incident took place on October 10 and till now the actress must have had her alibis all checked out for the police. However, there are a couple of eyewitnesses who have confirmed that they saw Cathy Moriarty behind the wheels of the car on that fateful night.

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