Accident prone Vince McMahon in another weird accident and a fix

June 25th, 2008 - 4:50 pm ICT by David M N James  

Vince McMahonAccident prone Vince McMahon had an accident yesterday. It happened during last night, after the three-hour Raw draft special. Vince was hurt when lighting equipment crashed onto the stage and a large electric sign toppled onto him at the AT&T Center. Vince is accident prone and not only once has he been involved in many accidents. Vince McMahon’s ‘accident’ during Raw was designed to end the Million Dollar Giveaway, and to start a new angle that will involve other McMahon family members.

Being in such places seems to lead him to such unconventional situations which leave him just miserable and unhealthy. Last year, he was in a greasily accident in which his limousine busted into flames seconds after McMahon got into it. The subsequent debut of the media circus in the investigation of who blew the limousine was a big time hype. It was dubbed the beginning of “who blew up Vince McMahon” story. This time round the hype will be “who pushed the sign onto Vince McMahon”

Fans and pundits in the game have said that it’s not at all clever to blow up a limo and to let an electric sign post to fall on the big man. It was painful to watch Vince being whisked out on a stretcher after the very uncanny act of felling an electric sign on him by some mischievous clown. After the accident last night, Vince McMahon was taken away on a stretcher. After Vince McMahon gave away $500,000 last night, WWE announced on its Web site after the show, that the weekly money giveaways have been suspended for the foreseeable future, due to the accident. Stay tuned for the Vince McMahon injury details.

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