A Word Of Advice To The Hollywood Starlets From Carrie Fisher

December 30th, 2010 - 12:28 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

The original Star Wars diva Carrie Fisher seems to be worried about the future of Hollywood with the starlets going astray and ending up in the rehab or behind the bars.

Fisher has written an open letter to the young bloods of Hollywood like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan telling them to stop for a short while to “appreciate where you (they) could be”. She advises young Hollywood to learn another skill if they are actors. According to her, they can try playing a musical instrument or writing a book. The least they can do is manage their own finances. The writer of the autobiography ‘ Wishful Drinking’, regrets not having known all this earlier in her life otherwise she would have paid more attention to her life.

In the open letter Fisher said that Lindsay is a mess and feels that she should “back out” of the whole scene and shift to a place like South of France.

In one of her recent interviews, this 54 years old actress, novelist and screenplay writer has admitted that being in the limelight might be “cruel”. It makes one different from the common man. As a star it is more about what one is rather than who one is. She confesses that it had happened to her as well. She considers it a privilege to be in the spotlight and one has to earn those privileges on the basis of talent.

The Postcards from the Edge writer said that it is a very exciting thing to acquire celebrity status. But that does not mean that one can relax and let go. She compares fame with a “weird garden” as both have to be constantly maintained. Here she cited the example of Julia Roberts saying that one should not be under the impression that she is just “kicking back in her house with her kids”.

We can only hope Paris and Lindsay are listening.

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