A leg moment and ‘Dancing with the stars 2008′ is all you need!!

September 24th, 2008 - 10:18 pm ICT by David M N James  

A little leg moment is enough to spice up a whole hour of dancing. That’s what happens in the ‘Dancing with the stars 2008‘.

A leg moment, which is merely a small kiss on an old lady’s ankle and she is up on the floor wiggling and jiggling like a young lass dancing with the stars, just because a young man has just kissed her legs , sending life back to their abilities.

Dancing with the stars is just a hilarious, sweet and memorable dancing affair. On this episode, the video I watched was just lovely. The deal is on the table, this old lady wants to make it happen for herself. She is really such a performer, maybe some kind of an actor. Dancing with the stars also features a common and immensely popular name Jeff Ross. Funny enough, he is the first one out. This will pit some other people against the odds. And now a second couple will be dismissed in the first official results show of the season! Well, I have bumped into something else, a very real one here. The guys say the ‘dancing with the stars’ issue is back for round two. The hype is that the new season is a seven format and all thirteen couples returned to the ballroom Tuesday night, but only twelve of them would perform. That very show of dancing with the stars’ borrowed a bit from the results show format as the safe couples were revealed one by one. After each reveal, that couple would perform while the rest of the dancers waited for their turns. There so much more on this whole thing and you get carried away as the couple do jigs that you’ve never thought they could do.

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