‘2010 PREDATORS’ are ‘Ipod versions’ - Robert Rodriguez

August 3rd, 2010 - 11:53 am ICT by Sampurn Wire  

August 3, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Predator fans who loved the monster in the original 1987 are in for a treat as the 2010 sequel by Robert Rodriguez will have different types of and even more deadly creatures!

This time audiences will find that the “original” Predator has fallen victim to this new “upgrade,” whom they realize is out to be the supreme hunter… and the ultimate Predator.

So, in addition to bringing back the affectionately-called “Classic” Predator, the makers have created three new Berserker Predators - Dog Handler, Falconer, and Mr. Black. These represent bigger, longer, leaner, and deadlier versions of the species that audiences remember from previous films. Other creatures that expand the Predators mythology - including the alien Ram Runner and the Predators’ Hunting Dogs - are also devised.

“Being able to see the original Predator in our story had a nostalgia factor, because you hadn’t really seen him like that since the first movie,” comments Rodriguez. “We just wanted it to feel like it evolved – to bring back the original, plus a new updated, nastier, meaner breed.

So if the Classic Predator was the “cassette tape’ version, the new Predator is the iPod version - sleek and elegant and fierce!”

And each of the Predators has a unique personality - the Dog Handler has tusks that he had taken off of one of the hunting dogs, The Falconer has a very specific mask design, and then Mr. Black has this weird alien jaw. We see their masks for most of the film and they have a lot of personality. In addition, they are also of different colours so that they stand out and can be visually differentiated. And while all the Predators feature the cloaking ability established in the first film, the new ones also have high tech weaponry, including an airborne Predator Falcon and new Plasma Caster.

With so much action and thrill packed into this film, we bet you can’t wait to see the ultimate human vs predators battle on the big screen as the film gears up for release on Aug 6th.

-Sampurn Wire

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