16 and Pregnant- Dont Rush For It

June 20th, 2009 - 3:36 am ICT by GD  

16 and pregnant Premiering Thursday, June 18th, the new episode of 16 and Pregnant aired on MTV, bringing us face to face to another teen mom. The concept already popular for decades in the US, yet not acceptable my some mother’s, like Farrah’s mother, who is clear about the fact that she will not accept any absurd behavior of teens and she has had enough.

Sources from National Center for Health Statistics say that 86% of of mothers giving birth to babies are actually not married, but are teenagers. MTV aires this show to just normalize the teenage pregnancy. Has it got any relation to child poverty or not is a topic of discussion as between 1980 and 1996 the US economy has seen a considerable increase of poverty as the mothers giving birth to such children are poor. They were just in high school when they were bearing the child. That sounds ridiculous as the developed economy can slow down with such instances of growing poverty amongst yougsters who otherwise could have earned a better living after graduating from school.

Well, in that case, all we can do is hope that they realize their mistake fast and the government makes smart moves to stop encouraging such unruly sentiments.One of a case from hundreds would come out as a fighter against odd situations, like Maci did in this show. Maci was in high school when she had a baby boy and her parents were definitely agrreable to the fact that she is pregannt at 16, of course not, which parent would want to see their daughter at such a situation.

This is important for teenagers who think that having sex is bliss without realizing the aftermath. Why get into unnecessary trouble when you have a choice to playsafe. Websites like itsyoursexlife.com, stayteen.org have enough information to help you get positive before having sex so stay alarmed.

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