Waziristan not the ideal place to conduct global War on Terror: Study

April 23rd, 2008 - 2:25 pm ICT by admin  

London, Apr.23 (ANI): A study has reportedly raised doubts about Waziristan being the ideal place to launch the global war on terror.
Those involved with the study believe that this mountainous region of Pakistan where al-Qa’eda’s core leaders are believed to have regrouped is so riven by tribal conflict, that it negates all strategy for dealing head-on with the menace.
But terrorism experts have countered the study’s analysis, arguing that if Waziristan was such an unfavourable haven, then the ‘core al-Qa’eda’ and their central leaders such as Osma bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri would not have chosen to remain there
Western governments believe they have become havens for “core al-Qa’eda”, but the study suggests that this assessment may be exaggerated and argues that al-Qa’eda’s key leaders may be far less effective.
“The risk of Waziristan emerging as a safe base for al-Qa’eda is very significantly mitigated by the inherently competitive social structures,” The Telegraph quotes the report by Exclusive Analysis, a London-based strategic intelligence company, as saying.
“Core al-Qa’eda is pursuing global ambitions, such as attacking Arab and Western governments, that are not shared by local tribal leaders. Indeed, the perceived violation of local tribal structures by foreign fighters would compromise their operations and therefore their capability to stage successful attacks,” the outfit claims
The Pashtun people, who inhabit Pakistan’s north-west frontier, are divided into countless tribes and clans. The one million people of North and South Waziristan come from the Waziri tribe - but are split into 20 sub-tribes, each with its own leader. The chiefs convene jirgas, or councils, and raise lashkars, or armies. The sub-tribes, like the Mahsud and the Ahmadzai, are further divided into clans and sub-clans.
All these groups are far more concerned with fighting one another than helping al-Qa’eda to wage a global jihad. Their main aims are to keep foreigners - including Pakistan’s army - out of their domain and make money from smuggling guns and drugs. (ANI)

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