Uttar Pradeshs unique bird lover promotes nest culture

June 9th, 2008 - 10:45 pm ICT by ANI  

By Iqram Ali
Bhaura Kalan (Muzaffarnagar) (Uttar Pradesh), June 8 (ANI):In a unique gesture to showcase his special care for birds, Prakash Vijay of Sultanpur in Uttar Pradeshs Muzaffarnagar district has resolved to promote nest culture.
Prakash, a small time businessman in his forties, despite his meager resources creates cozy nests for these birds and distributes. He has taken to creating artificial nests with plaster of Paris, which enable people to accommodate a small space for birds to nestle at their residential places.
In the wake of growing number of small flats, felling of trees in the name of urbanization or development and limited water sources left in the open for birds or animals, these artificial nests offer a good alternative for birds to nestle and survive.
Apprehending that many sparrows and other birds may one day meet the similar fate of vultures whose number has drastically dwindled here, Prakash felt driven to do something for the little birds.
Prakash believes with these artificial nests, which are required to be hanged in ones house, he prevents several winged beauties from a lot of suffering.
“There was a time when most of the people here would hang photo frames on walls in tilted form at about 60 degree angle. It used to create enough space (40 degrees) between the wall and frame for birds to nestle. But now flat pictures are adorning the walls and birds are unable to make their nests. After realizing it I thought of do something for these helpless birds. Hence, I started making artificial nests for them to survive,” said Prakash Vijay, the bird lover.
He says that an incident that killed a sparrow by a ceiling fans blades inspired me to do something for these little creatures.
“Once while visiting Bhopal, we saw a few birds inside their nest at a home. After feeding the young ones, when the mother bird flew out of the nest, it struck against the blade of a ceiling fan that was switched on. Alas, it died on the spot. I was very much touched. This accident prompted me to make these nests for them,” stated Prakash Vijay.
Prakash spends his spared monthly savings to make nests. He wishes to establish a family of sparrows since he believes he might be serving his ancestors reborn as little birds. Besides, Prakash motivates other residents to patronise the ‘nest culture’ so that many birds may have a decent and safe place to stay and breed.
“Prakash came to us with these nests and informed us about the sparrows. That’s why we were driven to keep these nests. We realized that these days we barely get to notice enough birds around,” said Rekha Rawat, one of the users of artificial nests made by Prakash Vijay.
“I got the inspiration from Prakash who came to me and informed me about the safety of these birds. This got me and I joined hands with him for their safety,” said Murlidhar Sahu, another bird lover.
Many bird lovers visit his place and take away nests from him and hang them at heir home.
It is widely noticed there was a time when sparrows used could build nests in almost any corner of houses or trees. However, with concrete jungles replacing all these consistently, the birds are running short of place to nestle. At such a time, Prakash Vijay has appeared like a guardian for these little birds with his alternative artificial nests.
Once Prakash Vijays endeavour is properly understood by more and more people, it is likely to inspire a large number of them everywhere to realize that these creatures also hold the right to exist on this planet just like the human beings. (ANI)

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