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November 25th, 2008 - 12:59 pm ICT by Bupha Ravirot  

In the time of economic crisis, everybody is seeking every possible solutions to handle with their financial problems. Truth In Equity Lending might help.

Truth in Equity is a private company that enables sinking homeowners to be debt free after following couple of easy steps. You might be hesitated to consider it, because all banking and lending institutions convince their customers that they are offering the safety and stable way to deal with finance, but those institutions profit the most.

Equity Advantage SM is a program by Truth in Equity, that helps take full advantage of a key banking strategies that customers will never know. That is, the interest debt is calculated on the daily principal balance. By keeping the daily balance of your debt as low as possible, you pay less interest. Consequently, more of your payments or deposit is applied toward reducing the balance rather than being consumed by the interest.

In solving financial problem with Truth in, it takes a few steps. First of all you are asked to fill up a Personal Economic Profile, either on the website or via fax. This profile only asks for basic information like income, monthly expenditures, debt balances and liquid asset totals and do not ask for sensitive information such as account numbers or social security numbers. Secondly, information analyzed by TIESM amortization software and they determine the best course of action towards a debt free existence and that will be presented to the homeowners to consider, if they agree to move forward with the program, then the company assist in facilitating the refinance process to establish the new line of credit. Once the new line of credit is in place IFS provides ongoing support by maintaining monthly contact with the homeowner to ensure they are operating the system as designed and make sure they are receiving full benefit of the concept.

The strategy of Equity Advantage SM has been practiced in Australia for over 20 years. Today, countries like New Zealand, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa. recently Canada and now the US, are also using similar systems.

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