The top ten conspiracy theories revealed

August 1st, 2008 - 4:32 pm ICT by ANI  

Paul McCartney

London, Aug 1 (ANI): Jesus had a child by Mary Magdalene, aliens built the pyramids, Paul McCartney is dead - well these some of the top ten conspiracy theories based which have been revived by a British newspaper.
Times Online has compiled top ten conspiracy theories.
They are:
1) Jesus had a child by Mary Magdalene, who was the ancestor of the Merovingian kings
This theory has come from Dan Brown’’s famous novel ”The Da Vinci Code”. The book sold tens of millions of copies because many people believe that the Church has been lying to them for centuries.
2) Aliens built the pyramids
3) Paul McCartney is dead
The cover of Abbey Road, where Paul is barefoot and out of step with his bandmates, kicked off this rumour, which has persisted admirably for 40 years despite a total lack of evidence.
But as everyone knows Paul is very much alive.
4) Fluoride in the water is brainwashing us all
They say it’’s for the good of our teeth. But we know “they” are slowly pacifying the population. Turn off the tap before it’’s too late.
5) Global warming is a fraud
Not quite sure who benefits from this one. But remember the first rule of conspiracy - when something is universally accepted as true, it must be false.
6) Black helicopters
Those sane and rational people in the US militia movement, who believe the United Nations is staging a totalitarian take-over of America, pointed to mysterious black helicopters as proof.
These unmarked craft were supposedly sent to keep watch over the population in preparation for a military coup.
7) Bilderberg runs the world
The Bilderberg group, a secretive meeting of top politicians, thinkers and business leaders, does have the virtue of actually existing. But its meetings are shrouded in mystery, in the shade of which flourishes a verdant forest of rumour, fear and allegations of geopolitical stitch-ups.
8) The Government warehouse
Apparently the US government has a secret warehouse where they store all the things they don”t want us to know about.
9) Shelley was murdered
Rumours that the poet’’s death was no accident show that It was possible to believe in conspiracy theories before the internet . Ever since Percy Bysshe Shelley drowned of the coast of Italy in 1822, there have been persistent hints that his boat was deliberately sunk. Some theories, rather prosaically, blame robbers.
10) JFK was murdered by the CIA (ANI)

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