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May 27th, 2009 - 8:38 pm ICT by GD  

In today’s time of economic recession and market downturn, people are trying to cut down on their expenditures.

Anything that is not necessary or vital is normally deleted from the ‘to-do’ list, so that they do not have to cut back on their savings to meet their current expenditure. They normally cut down on expensive subscriptions of services and periodicals, start saving food coupons and insist on discount coupons and normally bargain for commodities. But even when these savings are calculated they appear insignificant when compared to the vast unclaimed property held under the control of the US Treasury and State Controllers across the nation.

The Treasury has given a figure of more than $16.6 billion of unconverted and unredeemed U.S. savings bonds. The expiry dates for the maturity of these bonds have long passed. And thus they are not earning any extra revenue. This huge potential cash is lying wasted which can be better utilized through investments. But only the owners of these bonds have the right to redeem the bonds and the Treasury is only responsible for holding them for the public. To make sure that these bonds are en-cashed or invested, the Treasury has created a new website called, for people to search and track their individual and corporate bonds and unclaimed properties. An individual can search for his or her bonds at this site by simply quoting the original Social Security number.

These unclaimed and unused bonds and properties can become a major source of liquid money that the struggling industries and the service sectors require to revamp themselves in these times of economic slowdown.

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