Rave reviews abroad for worlds cheapest car `Nano

March 24th, 2009 - 5:39 pm ICT by ANI  

London, Mar.24 (ANI): The launch of the worlds cheapest car from the TATA Motors stable has elicited across the board rave reviews beyond Indias shores. According to the automobile web site AUTOCAR, the Nano has lived up to expectations, as promised by TATA. Powered by a 624cc two-cylinder petrol engine and riding on small 12-inch wheels and tubeless tyres, the Nano rides surprisingly well. It also describes the Nano as being quite a looker. Not only because of the hype it has generated, but because the car looks really good. It looks far more expensive than it is and that itself is half the battle won. This cute looking hatchback is sure to go down well with everyone, AUTOCAR says. According to the web site, the NANO is a proper car, as it offers better space than even a Santro at the front, while backseat space is quite decent. Comfort levels are good and it will come with an efficient engine as well. It isnt perfect; owners will want more power and a 5-speed gearbox. But Tata has achieved what it had set out to do Affordable motoring for the masses, it says. Another automobile magazine TOP GEAR describes the Nano as a car that puts ordinary Indians onto four wheels. Like the Fiat 500 did for Italians, the 2CV did for the French and the Beetle for the Germans. However, it is critical about the delivery system and the fact that it has the potential to be a congestion nightmare in the future. The Times says that the Nano doesnt need you to be kind: it will impress you on its merits. If it sells in anything like the numbers that its maker predicts, this cute, snub-nosed runabout could become the most influential car on the planet. It will mobilise millions in India and across south east Asia on a scale not seen since Giovanni Agnelli transformed post-war Italy from a nation of Vespa riders into a society of proud Fiat 500 drivers, the paper says. From the outside, it sounds like a slightly muffled auto-rickshaw and when worked hard it takes on a pleasant phut-phut sound. Its a city car, the steering is quick and direct, almost to the point of being like a go-karts. The four-speed manual gearbox makes easy work of keeping the engine on the boil and it can dive between buses, squeeze past bikes, nudge to the front of the queue and undertake with glee, says the paper. Its a happy little thing. For a car thats only 10ft long and 5ft wide, its surprisingly spacious. It brings a grin to your face. It is easy to curse the Nano for the prospect of millions of them jamming up our already congested roads, but it is cute enough to make you smile, the paper concludes. (ANI)

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