Murdered cop Nisha helped husband secretly run sex racket

June 2nd, 2008 - 3:26 pm ICT by admin  

London, June 2 (ANI): Cop Nisha Patel, who was brutally murdered outside her north London home, was a secret Vice Madam, it has been revealed.

The 29-year-old special constable misused her position to run a sleazy brothel and escort agency with evil husband Fadi Nasri, convicted this week of hiring a hitman to stab her to death.

Nisha’s double life was not revealed at the Old Bailey trial but last night a former hooker Maria Brennan, who worked for the couple, spilled the beans on the couples secret business.

“With Nisha on the force, Nasri swaggered around like he was the local Godfather, untouchable. He used to brag, The police can’t touch us, we ARE the police,’” News of the World quoted Brennan, as saying.

The 38-year-old ex-call girl from Wimbledon, southeast London, revealed that Nisha exploited her official badge and uniform to scare brothel punters into line and extort cash from bad payers.

Nisha was the real brains behind the business. She took bookings on her mobile phone and drove girls to clients to have sex. She also looked after the books, Brennan said.

“That’s where her police connection came in really useful. If anyone bounced cheques or didn’t pay she’d put on the uniform, flash her badge and scare them into coughing up, she added.

Maria charged 120 pounds-a-time but was forced to give regular sex to evil love cheat Nasri for nothing.

“It was obvious he couldn’t care less for Nisha. His love and affection was just an act, all for show. Fadi was with Nisha for two reasonsher cash and because she was a cop, she said.

“As soon as she was out of sight he flirted with me. He was very tactile with me and would softly stroke my leg when he drove me to jobs, she added.

Maria said that 34-year-old Nasri, who now faces life behind bars, ludicrously bragged that Nisha had high-powered friends at Scotland Yard who’d protect him.

“In fact it was Fadi who wanted her to join the force in the first place because he thought it would help cover up his own life of crime. Even as a part-time special she had access to records and the power to make arrests, she said.

“Fadi was arrogant enough to think that with Nisha behind him he was above the law. It’s probably that arrogance that convinced him he could get away with murdering Nisha, she added.

After a three-month Old Bailey trial Nasri was this week found guilty of paying hitmen 18,000 pounds cash to kill his wife, who had inherited property worth 200,000 pounds and ran a successful hairdressing salon and limo company. (ANI)

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