How to create an impressive resume using the right keywords

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October 3, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): For jobseekers and employers alike, the perfect resume makes a world of difference. This one document alone is sufficient to make an employer realize, or speculate on, how much a potential candidate is really worth, or how professionally well-equipped the person is in their chosen area of work. Therefore, when submitting a resume to a potential employer, it becomes extremely important to stick to certain basic principles to create a good first impression in the reader’s mind.

First and foremost is the fact that today most employers narrow a candidate search by using keywords that are specific to the job opening. Therefore, it becomes imperative that your resume has the right keywords, which will get picked up in the employer’s search. Getting your resume to show up as a 95% match could make the difference in landing the position over another resume that may or may not be more qualified but has only a 75% or 85% keyword match.

Experts suggest several things to keep in mind when preparing a resume. To begin with, list all your qualifications and skills as well as any other important information in a succinct manner and assess the list for keywords related to the job description. You should have a list of at least ten to 20 keywords that might pop up in your employer’s search. The trick is to insert these keywords into your resume wisely, so as not to make it seem like overkill, yet show the employer that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

One way of finding out which keywords the employer is searching for is to pore over the job description and list of keywords that that particular posting shows up under. There may be several different keywords for one job posting. Using those keywords in your resume can elevate the percentage of relevancy in their keyword search. Some experts even suggest using the employer’s job reference number as a keyword.

An often overlooked but great piece of advice coming from headhunters and industry insiders is that a new resume should be created for every new list of keywords. Applicants often assume that their resume is universally searchable, and so they don’t maximize the potential of their resume by customizing their resume to the particular position listed.

With technology and science taking gadgets and facilities to an all time hi tech level, there are various options these days available for writing resumes with different templates, which enables a person to make the resume very reader friendly, easy to access and even scan.

These days a very user friendly ‘Resume Directory has been launched; which is indeed very useful for jotting important tips.

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