Heiress Of L’Oreal Interrogated By The French Police

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loreal July 27, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): 87-year-old Liliane Bettencourt happens to be the heiress to the cosmetics riches associated with the globally renowned L’Oreal. She was queried by the French police officers on Monday in her residence in the Parisian suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine. The interrogation was a component of an inquiry into her assets that has entangled the right-wing national government of France headed by Nicolas Sarkozy.

Her attorney happens to be Georges Kiejman. Kiejman has asserted that Bettencourt was interrogated as a spectator in an inquiry into purported tax dodging. The tax dodging was one point of a many-sided inquiry that derived from a disagreement between Bettencourt and her daughter.

The interrogation of Bettencourt continued for virtually 150 minutes. Kiejman has divulged that the interrogators zoomed in on an island in the Seychelles that was procured by Bettencourt in the 1990s but purportedly had not been disclosed to the French tax establishment.

The abovementioned row burgeoned in recent times. What made matters worse for Bettencourt were assertions that she had illegitimately sponsored the presidential campaign of Sarkozy in 2007. It must be mentioned that Sarkozy has repudiated these grave allegations and has dubbed them as an endeavor to disfigure his political career.

Forbes has declared that Bettencourt is the wealthiest female in Europe, with affluence projected at $20 billion. These statistics obviously indicate that Bettencourt is one of the highest taxpayers of France.

The scrutiny into tax dodging was activated by the tapes prepared by the former butler of Bettencourt clandestinely. The tapes consisted of allusions to two Swiss bank accounts and to the island in the Seychelles. Damagingly, these tapes have seeped into the hands of the French media.

Bettencourt requested the judiciary to obstruct the usage of these tapes by media organizations. However, she was defeated when the Paris appeals court deemed that the extracts were of justifiable public interest.

Bettencourt’s monetary advice-giver happens to be Patrice de Maistre. Maistre has subsequently uttered that Bettencourt owned two Swiss bank accounts. He has said that he would ensure that her tax state of affairs is in order.

The French policemen are also likely to query the French Labor Minister, Eric Woerth. Woerth has been the occupant of the post of treasurer of Sarkozy’s rightist political party for eight years. Woerth has steadfastly refuted accusations that he accepted cash from Bettencourt. Attorney Kiejman has also articulated that the policemen questioned Bettencourt about her association with Woerth. Woerth’s wife had previously counseled Bettencourt about how to invest her L’Oreal surpluses. Woerth’s wife was queried by the police in the preceding week.

Kiejman has revealed to the AP that the interrogation was a displeasing experience for Bettencourt. However, she dutifully let it proceed and also bestowed authorization to the policemen to look through her workplaces.

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