Google upgrades Gmail for IE 6 users and remains competitive

September 8th, 2008 - 6:27 pm ICT by David M N James  

Google has made a step forward to keep its competitive edge afloat after observing a lot of action in the browser market these days. Google managed to make these steps to cut on possible loss of market share. They have incepted a more advanced and appealing browser for its customers.

This development comes through a product dubbed the Chrome browser. The Google brainchild is a very highly competitive and appealing email interface product. It comes just after Firefox 3.1 is due in months and Microsoft is releasing its second beta of Internet Explorer 8. Most of the Internet explorer users are getting by with the IE8 and the chrome browser is a shot in the arm for the Goggle accounts users. This new Google release is a new version of Gmail for the vintage 2001-era browser.This advancement will prompt IE 6 users to get access to colored labels for messages, Gmail Labs features, and integration with AOL Instant Messenger, and invisible mode for IM. This inception is a brainchild of John Perlow who is Google engineer. The new gmail feature has made IE 6 users up to features available to users of Firefox 3, IE 7, and Safari 3 by Apple. The new product has been created through a colaboraion between the Goggle engneers and the Microsoft engineers with areas like memory-related performance issue being collectively looked into by the engineers. The new upgrade helps users to run

JavaScript programs in the browser plus a better performance through interface features that once were problematic to IE8 users

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