Butler University ‘lays-off’ recession, raises funds and hopes

May 18th, 2009 - 8:39 pm ICT by GD  

The 154 year-old Butler University has added yet another feather to it’s already multi-hued cap. In a time when cutting corners and slashing budgets seem to be the grim order of the day, Butlerites seem to have added the much needed cheer-quotient to the community.

Announcing the wrapping-up of its capital campaign for fund-raising, University authorities revealed the golden figure of a whopping $ 154 million raised….$28 million more than the expected figure of $125 million! The figure includes pledges and more-than-generous gifts and grants from about 20,000 donors.

Butler president, Bobby Fong, in his statement thanked alumni, donors and friends whose collective effort had not only bailed them out, but had gone far and beyond, thus making Butler University one of the “nation’s leading comprehensive universities”. Cashing in on by far it’s most potent asset: it’s human capital, the fund-raising campaign sought to capitalize on the intellectual and creative potential of the university faculty, staff and students to draw in aid.

Armed with it’s strategic agenda to “Dare to make a difference”, looks like they really did just that. Initially, concentrating mainly on drawing up funds primarily for the three-tiered priorities of student scholarship and support, academic initiatives and infrastructural facilities, the Butlerites seem to have outdone even themselves this time.

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