Bar brawl with Clarke ended Symonds career

September 12th, 2008 - 2:40 pm ICT by ANI  

Melbourne, Sep 12 (ANI): Australian vice captain Michael Clarke and all rounder Andrew Symonds allegedly had a blow-up in a hotel bar in the Caribbean when Clarke chipped Symonds one night when he found him drinking in the bar with former West Indies great Brian Lara.

Clarke is said to have suggested that Symonds had better be in good shape to take the field the next day, a suggestion not taken in good humour, Fox News reported.

Symonds blew up and the pair had a very heated argument. They later patched things up, but relations have again become strained with Clarke leading the charge to have the belligerent all-rounder sent home from Darwin last month and placed on notice about his cricketing future.

The Australia team has been concerned about Symonds for some time, but things have grown worse of late and missing a team meeting for a fishing expedition was the last straw.

When disciplined by his peers, Symonds showed no contrition.

I have had some time to reflect on the events that took place in Darwin. I would like to say thanks for the many messages of support that I have received over the past day or so. I appreciate your best wishes. I”ve been asked to think about what is important to me and I will take this time to do that, Symonds said a few days after his ejection

Symonds went as far as to suggest that it would be nice if he was left alone. He was sent away to work through a process before being readmitted to the side but has shown little interest in it.

Symonds has been on a holiday with his parents and girlfriend and only returned home on Thursday. He is expected to show up at Queensland training next week.

Instead of playing four Tests in India, Symonds will have to concentrate on state cricket and his mental state. If he can manage both he might make it back for the summer. He does not, it appears, respond well to criticism or disciplinary action and has complained he is being singled out when others cross the line, too.

When Symonds showed up drunk before a one-day match against Bangladesh in Cardiff in 2005, he infuriated captain Ricky Ponting on two fronts.

The captain was upset that he would be so disrespectful to himself, his teammates, his opponents and his country by turning out in that state. Writing in his Captain’’s Diary, Ponting said he became even more angry with the way Symonds reacted when told he was out of the game.

Right, was his response. But he said it in such a casual see-if-I-care way that it wound me up even more, Ponting wrote.

Symonds’’s reaction to being fined during the recent West Indies tour grated with teammates, too.

Stung 3000 dollars for missing the team bus, he became what one person described as “the rule Nazi” and would ensure he was on the team bus five minutes before it was due to leave.

At the exact time of departure, Symonds’’s watch would beep and he would announce that the doors had to close and the bus had to leave and anybody left behind could walk or be fined because that was the way he was treated.

His relationship with Cricket Australia has been strained for sometime, as Symonds is still upset at reports that a number of board members wanted him sacked over the 2005 incident.

Teammates are convinced he had to be disciplined for his attitude in Darwin for they feared what would happen should Symonds be in the same state during the Indian tour. (ANI)

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