THE LOST CITY OF Z - Fascinating and Mysterious tale of an ancient Amazon civilization

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Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett, a famous British explorer, was greatly fascinated by the jungles of Amazon and his quest to discover the existence of an ancient civilization in the Amazon led him to many expeditions. He was the one to give the name The Lost City of Z to a city which he allegedly saw in the Mato Grosso region of Brazil.

Fawcett led several expeditions to find this city. This city had been visited by a man from Portugal in the mid 1700s. The Royal archives also contain a detailed description of the city, but there has been no clear indication of the location.

Fawcett heard about this in the early 1900s. He went to Lisbon and came across the above report. However he could not proceed further with his expedition because of the World War1. His expedition ended in a mysterious way when he and his son disappeared in the Amazons in 1925. His disappearance led a rescue team to the jungles, but they too met similar fates.

This unsolved expedition fascinated the famous author David Grann to write a book on “The Lost city of Z”. It has also been a source of inspiration for a forthcoming movie starring Brad Pitt. It has been recently reported that an archaeologist by the name of Michael Heckenberger claims to have found the city. The mysterious city that charmed many could be a powerful source of evidence for the existence of an ancient civilization.

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