Reynold Price revisits his youth in a steaming new memoir

May 26th, 2009 - 9:39 pm ICT by GD  

Reynold Price, the 76 year old writer, has come up with his third memoir, titled “Ardent Spirits”. At present Price is bodily restricted to a wheel chair, the result of an accident way back in 1985. Reynold’s recent book re-visits the American writer’s youthful days, that is when he was in his twenties. Price promises in the foreword of his book that “no lies have been told”. Thus, the reader may expect some bold truths and steamy revelations. The book has been sub-titled “Leaving Home. Coming Back”. The title itself “Ardent Spirits” could allude to many things at the same time: his own spirits, the bodily passions, or even liquor.

Price talks of his growing up, his sexual coming of age, his experiences with diverse men and women. Price, as his fans must be knowing, is gay. The book does explore his realization and coming to terms with his own sexuality. He writes that he had been a virgin till he was 25, and also reveals his first sexual act with a professor at Oxford. He says that it was his first experience of “employing my body in one of its grandest jobs.”

The book is replete with many passionate and bodily experiences, but that is certainly not what the book is all about. Though perhaps not a book to be read at one go, any reader would find Reynold’s memoirs interesting for the tales it tells. There are stories of great people, great places and great art. The book charts Reynold’s persuasion of that greatness in his stint in Oxford.

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