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Become World Class: The Toyota Way! Print E-mail

December 26. 2007

by News Desk 

Become World Class: The Toyota Way!A common expression heard around Toyota is “We do not just build cars, we build people.” Every new product development program, every prototype, every quality defect in the factory, and every kaizen activity is an opportunity to develop people. When former Toyota Motor Manufacturing North American President Atushi (Art) Niimi was asked about his greatest challenge when trying to teach the Toyota Way to his American managers he responded: “They want to be managers not teachers.” He explained that every manager at Toyota is a teacher. Developing exceptional people is their number one priority. This has become ingrained in the Toyota Way as a cultural value throughout the company. It is frequently talked about in other companies, but rarely practiced.

In order to benefit the business executives and leaders in Thailand, Co-Author of "The Toyota Way Fieldbook" and "Toyota Talent", Mr. David Meier is presenting one day seminar in Bangkok and will uncover the Secrets of Toyota’s amazing success and how you can make it a reality in your company. is supporting the event. The event will be held on 24th of January, 2008 at Radisson Hotel, Bangkok.The regular fees is THB 13,500 while the early bird offer till 10th January is THB 11,000 per participant. For details and bookings please drop a mail to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .

In this seminar you will have the opportunity to learn from an international authority on the Toyota Way (Lean Manufacturing). David Meier has spent 20 years learning from, and studying Toyota. In this seminar he will share with you what he has learned about how you can create lean systems and develop highly capable people in your organization.

Read an excerpt from "The Toyota Talent" here.


World class seminar on Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matters Print E-mail

October 20, 2007

by News Desk 

World class seminar on Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that MattersImagine you could get private coaching from Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Charles Schwab and the world’s most successful business icons and entrepreneurs and even the presidents of countries, Nobel laureates and the Dalai Lama! Mark Thompson brings these leaders to you in a fascinating session in which he shares video from his private meetings with hundreds of the world’s most successful people so that you can master their secrets.

In an interactive session with the audience, Mark explodes the myths of leadership and unravels the essential elements of long-term success, using video and audio clips of actual personal interviews to underscore every insight. You can have extraordinary success in your business and your life!

Mark created the first ever World Success Survey with Stanford, Wharton and Harvard researchers to discover the DNA of lasting success in work, life and your relationships.

His book Success Built to Last was a Wall Street Journal, Top 5 business books on BusinessWeek and Amazon bestseller. It is the sequel to Built to Last, which sold more than one million copies and is one of the top 3 business books of all time.

Now Mark Thompson is coming to Bangkok to deliver a seminar. For more information on the seminar and registering yourselves, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

International Seminar in Bangkok on Top Performer & Innovation Print E-mail
October 2, 2007
By Satya Adhar 
Dr. Stephen LundinYou have heard about "Stephen and the art of creating fun in the work place". Now meet the author and international speaker in flesh and blood as he comes to Bangkok on 9th and 10th October to talk more about it. The details of the events are here .

While FISH! focused on employee morale, quality of work life, productivity and motivation, Top Performer addresses customer service, customer retention and sales. The FISH! Philosophy provides an important cultural base while Top Performer supplies the action. It also explores the most powerful resource available to any manager, anywhere in the world; natural energy.

Drawing on the tradition of court jesters, buskers and street performers, all of whom would starve if they didn’t understand the laws of energy, Top Performer presents an elegant set of guiding principles that any manager should find useful. Steve Lundin, writer of the FISH! Series of books, has teamed up with a PSP (professional street performer Carr Hagerman) to write this book and develop this program. If you found FISH a helpful metaphor for improving the quality of life at work and thus positively impacting recruitment, retention, morale and productivity; you will find that Top Performer seamlessly connects with the FISH! Philosophy while introducing a unique and useful set of ideas.

About the speaker

 is a writer and filmmaker with a rich history in business, management and graduate level business education. As a speaker he draws on his work as an entrepreneur and “working creative,” blending it with his personal story. As one attendee mused, “He doesn’t try to pump you up, he tries to show you where to find the pump.” By sharing his powerful, personal and authentic message, Stephen awakens his audiences to the possibilities that already exist in every workplace, every home and every life.

The seminar is being organized by AIM Inlines in association with . For Bookings please contact 0846767903 or drop a mail to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
Keeping Employees Accountable for results Print E-mail

August 28, 2007

By Satya Adhar

Brian Cole MillerA manager’s job is to get work done through others.  The key to their sustained success is holding employees accountable for the results needed.  Unfortunately for many, that seems like an overwhelming task that requires too much time, effort, and know-how. 

How good it would be if one could learn a SIMPLE method for holding others accountable for results. Well! here's an opportunity. Brian Cole Miller, founder of Working Solutions, who has 20 years experience in Training, Human Resources, and Organizational Development in various industries, is coming to Bangkok to deliver the stirring motivational messages and presentations available in Bangkok on 12th & 13th of September, 2007 @ Radisson Hotel. 

Using the acronym SIMPLE, you can learn the 6 steps of this proven approach so you can easily share it with other managers in your organization tomorrow.  This is not a traditional disciplinary processes masquerading as an accountability model. The emphasis here is on employee commitment and buy-in, not punitive steps and punishments. SIMPLE Accountability is simple enough to learn and apply in the short session. It’s effective enough to positively impact your employees forever. 

Blue Ocean Strategy seminar in Bangkok Print E-mail

June 21, 2007

By Satya Adhar 

BOSIts a great news for all those in top management and the upwardly mobile new age professionals. The Blue Ocean Strategy seminars are being organized right here in Bangkok on 18 and 19 July 2007. These will be presented by Professor Ben M. Bensaou who is a Professor of Management at INSEAD, France and Faculty Member of the Blue Ocean Strategy Network. The event is supported by and the members get a special 10% discount. Contact us now !

Before we dwell deeper into the details of the seminar, let's first understand what this Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) is all about:

Blue Ocean Strategy is a business book written by Professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, from the INSEAD business school. The book examines how successful businesses captured uncontested market space, and thereby made competition irrelevant.

The "ocean" refers to the market or industry. "Blue oceans" are untapped and uncontested markets, which provide little or no competition for anyone who would dive in, since the markets are not crowded. A "red ocean", on the other hand, refers to a saturated market where there is fierce competition, already crowded with people (companies) providing the same type of services or producing the same kind of goods. 

Top TEN most commonly asked interview questions Print E-mail

1. Tell me something about yourself.

Mostly, the very first question in the job interviews will be focused on knowing about overall details of the candidate. The question could be phrased as:
:: Tell me about yourself OR
:: Please introduce yourself, etc.

Implications of Opening of Indian Banking Sector Print E-mail

The Indian banking industry is poised for a period of hectic activity given the nearing of the 2009 deadline when the second phase of the Road Map charted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to allow greater access and operational freedom to foreign banks comes into force. But before that a major milestone in the journey of Indian banking industry towards greater efficiency would be the implementation of Basel II norms.

Renewable Energy Technologies: Need for a Shift in Policy Imperatives Print E-mail

India faces three major energy challenges i.e. security, access and environmental impact. With high oil price volatility, India’s vulnerability is further compounded by the fact that it imports about 70 per cent of the total oil consumed and oil imports ( $15 billion or 3 percent GDP in 2003 ) constitute the single largest item in the country's total annual import bill. About 40 per cent of the export earnings are funneled back into importing oil for domestic consumption. Studies have indicated that a $ 10 hike in the oil price would slash India's GDP growth rate by 0.2 per cent and raise the inflation rate by 0.7 per cent (Park, 2004). The only way India can mitigate the oil supply threat is to exploit its indigenous resources and Renewable Energy Technology (RET) offers tremendous opportunity.  


The East India Company in Reverse - Indian MNCs on a Buying Spree Print E-mail

Globalization and International Management 

Often the terms liberalization, democratization, market deregulation, privatization, welfare reform, and the general retreat of state from policy interventions have often been studied and associated with globalization (Reich, 1998). Globalization in modern times is marked by an increasing diffusion of commodities and ideas. Advanced technologies in communication and transportation have made it possible for people to transcend national markets earlier limited by geographic boundaries, leading to an ever increasing interdependence and integration. International Management (IM) issues are gaining significance across businesses. It is not only helping the firms to grow, but also redefining the way in which firms have been growing traditionally.

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