Rahul Bose doesn't mind injuries while playing rugby

June 15, 2008
by Newsdesk/IANS


Actor Rahul BoseTalented actor Rahul Bose simply loves playing rugby - so much so that he doesn’t mind the broken fingers and nose that he suffers during tournaments. The actor was selected to play for India at the World Cup qualifier for the Asian zone rugby tournament in Bangkok recently.

Speaking of the injuries he has suffered, Rahul said: “I have had two major arthroscopies, six broken fingers, including two shattered thumbs and three broken noses. The most serious one was when dirt was kicked violently into my eyes. I almost lost my eyesight because there were 210 pieces of stones stuck in the corneas of both my eyes.”

The actor, however, admitted that India has a long way to go to reach the World Cup.

“The best 32 nations play the World Cup. India is ranked 83rd and we were recognised only 10 years ago and have decades to go before we reach the World Cup,” Rahul said.