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Beware of Justvoip, 12voip, - 2007/07/27 13:55 Friends,

Nowadays lot of people are started using betamax voip products to
make cheap calls to India.

Voipbuster,voipcheap,justvoip,12voip,and many more voip products
belongs to a same parent company -

Call rates are so cheap.

But plz. note that nowadays there are lot and lot of complaints on
betamax products. Remember that I'm the one who has recommended these products in our in the very beginning itself.

For example, many of my frieds, signed up with justvoip and 12voip
and paid 10 Euros. After they made calls for 1 or 2 days, their
account got bloced and whenever they r trying to make calls, it
shows "Call ended due to an unknown error".

They sent so many emails, faxes to the customer service (?!) of
betamax. The worst thing is there is no proper business contact
addresses published in their websites. Plz. check it out. Is that a
good way of doing business? I don't think so.

So if you are going to purchase credits through their website,
please think well before doing it through your credit card.

If somebody got affected already due to this error, don't waste your
time by sending emails to that betamax. They'll not reply for sure.

Instead, call your credit card company. File a complaint. Within a
week, these betamax prople return back the FULL money regardless of
your usage till that time.

Take-care while using betamax products. My suggestion is better
avoid them.
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Re:Beware of Justvoip, 12voip, - 2007/07/28 09:58 Thanks for this eye opener.

Can anyone else confirm this situation?

I was just going to spend on justvoip but Western Union didn't work well for me.

To send 10 Euros (480 THB approx) to jusitvoip, they asked 380 THB as a charge. Is it so or again it was a matter of being a Thai or Non Thai customer?

Kindly put some more light and also confirm justvoip fraud

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Re:Beware of Justvoip, 12voip, - 2007/07/28 14:12 Google search : " cheating"

You will get plenty of results.

A lot of people are victims of this fraudulent company.

Then itz completely up to you to continue or not.

I heard there is an agent in Silom from whom you can buy credits for betamax products. I'll make a search and post the info. here later on.

Post edited by: Thailandian, at: 2007/07/28 14:28
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Re:Beware of Justvoip, 12voip, - 2007/07/28 14:15 From SIAT (South Indian Association of Thailand) yahoo group...

Nirmal J Kumar says...

All VOIP belongs to betamax. Voipcheap, just voip, voip busters all these are
website who offers betamax services.
Now recently day by day most of the accounts are getting invalid. They prompt
the same error "Call ended due to an unknown error.
I have 2 accounts, both blocked now. Many of the friends accounts are closed.
One of mine was blocked 45 days back and another one 30 days back.
For those who are extending their lucks pls do not renew it again you will be a
victim soon.
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Re:Beware of Justvoip, 12voip, - 2007/07/28 14:21 Moreover I myself lost accounts in, and finally

I've recommended it to a lot of friends. Even I've mentioned about the betamax services very before people started using it in Thailand through thaindian forum and thro' emails. But now I'm one of their victims.

Lot of my friends lost their accounts with full 10 Euro.

I've sent so many emails, faxes, and even tried to make calls to them.

I've got a reply from the company 'betamax',

"Your message was wrongly addressed to betamax. Please contact customer service."

What the hell is this? Is the justvoip didnt belong to betamax or what?

Please make a closer look at all the betamax voip services websites. They didnt provide any contact details in their website(s) at all.

Just because of saving few cents compared with the other providers, do you want to take risk by sharing your credit card details and other personal details with this fraudulent company?!
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Re:Beware of Justvoip, 12voip, - 2007/07/31 16:21 Dear Friends,

Thanks for the information.

I think just voip is just working fine. I have added three times 10 Euro and finally i added 25 Euro but i never had any problem till now.
May be seems with new members.

I became member since the first day you post on Thaindian web.

I will be cautious next time i have to refill my account.

Thanks again.

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Re:Beware of Justvoip, 12voip, - 2007/08/06 17:41 I think the local Telecom company is loosing revenue, so when I try to pay justvoip via my credit card there is a verification process which is blocked by the local telecom company. I am supposed to enter a 4 digit code that appears on the screen via the mobile, this is intercepted by the telecom company and the verification process fails and u can not buy a credit.

But if you have a land line and give that number i think this must work, (don't know if you are sitting is an extention this will work.

But Justvoip is helping my folks back in India call me free of charge. (ya the initial 10 Euros is the only cost)

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Re:Beware of Justvoip, 12voip, - 2007/08/06 17:42 hi

you can choose to pay by credit card.

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Re:Beware of Justvoip, 12voip, - 2007/10/20 17:17 how to choose credit card to buy credit?i only can choose ukash,western union,reseller,voucher.any one can tell me how to use credit card to buy credit.
thank you
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Re:Beware of Justvoip, 12voip, - 2007/10/22 08:19 How to pay via credit card? What do you mean? They ask your c.card details on-line and would toss credit into your account once you have paid.

Well I never used justvoip.Instead of it, I use nonoh calls, seems a bit more cheaper, secured with all call records and spending details. The payment was done easily using credit worries.


Post edited by: mr_rana, at: 2007/10/22 08:23
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