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Finding a Job

Let us assume you are young, energetic, educated and have decent 4-5 years of experience in some well known companies in India. You happen to be in Bangkok or wish to try your luck in Bangkok for some reason. You think nothing can stop you from getting a good job here in Bangkok and you are pretty qualified and prepared to do whatever it takes. Before you enter the job search arena, please go through our job seeker’s primer.

First and the foremost requirement for getting a job is to understand that there is no sure shot way of doing so as it was in India and perseverance is the key to getting your dream job – the one that not only pays you well but also gives you satisfaction and provides opportunity for growth.

Let us start with what are the impediments in the path of getting a job. The Thai language is a big barrier in getting a job as you will need to speak day in and day out to your colleagues, customers and suppliers. So the possibility of any commercial job without the knowledge of working Thai language at least is ruled out. However, it may happen if the organization has Indian roots, the head or the owner has Indian roots, you are taken in a higher position where you can talk to people in English and have some Thai speaking assistants. It may also happen if your job is of technical nature like web designing or SAP implementation etc. and does not involve interacting with others much.

Next hurdle is that a foreigner needs a work permit and not all the companies can provide work permits. They are required to keep a minimum ratio of Thai to Foreigners and so they will have a limited quota to fit you in.

Also, there are minimum salary levels stipulated by the Thai Labor department which says that at least X salary should be paid to a foreigner if he is to be employed. In case of Indians, X is THB 35,000 per month (Kindly confirm the figure as it is subject to change). This has been done to discourage companies from keeping foreigners not having any specialized skills. A foreigner with no specialized skills would be more expensive to a company - if they have to abide by the minimum wage law - than a localite whom they can pay whatever they wish.

What to do now?

Fortune favors the brave and there is always a way out. Below, we provide the ideas and opinions of people who have passed through this situation and have learned their lessons the hard way.

The first rule is to put your heart and mind into learning of the Thai language and master it as much as possible. A dedicated soul should take 5-6 months to get past the threshold. The more you learn in the first 6 months, the better it is and you will become even better with the passage of time. Later on you will realize what a wonderful tool you have got!

Next step would be to register in the following websites and visit at least once a day:



Watch out for more information in this space very soon. Your comments, suggestions and feedback are more than welcome!

Send your comments to us.

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Thaindian Job Search (Beta)

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If you are looking to reach a pool of talented and capable people with professional skills, there is no better place than It is simple, effective and economical alternative as compared to other general job sites and newspapers.
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Job seekers - Please check this section to search jobs and apply for them. We are confident that very soon we will have lot of suitable openings.

Meanwhile, kindly send your updated resume to us at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it We will keep them in our database for one year and shall match them with any requirements from companies. After one year, you will be contacted again to send your updated resume.

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theglobalindianThanks for coming to this section. We have been receiving a lot of feedback regarding "Working in Thailand " and as such we have decided to start a "Job Search Section" or a even a full fledged "Job Portal" for Thaindians.

However, to make it a success we need your feedback, comments and opinions so that we do the right things which are beneficial for all of us.

Whether you are a fresh graduate just out of the University or a Manager looking for a change or a top notch executive scouting for fresh talent for your company, please let us know of your ideas.

It will be upon these ideas that we will build a system wherein the people will have more opportunities and they will be more employable. This will also help companies which travel all the way to India looking for talent.

You may put down these ideas below or send them to us at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Looking forward to your ideas and opinions!

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Starting the discussion from where we had left it , there are a few other lesser known websites which can be browsed through for the job vacancies:

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