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Zee Nite Musical Extravaganza Mesmerizes Bangkok! Print E-mail

April 10, 2009
by Joyeeta Dutta Ray


DanceIt was a long weekend. Thunderstorm made fierce faces through the sky. Torrential shower ground traffic to a halt. But nothing could stop the flood of Indians wading into the Rachadalai Theatre at Muangthai well before the scheduled time.

The show was said to start at 7.30pm. However the first ticket holders arrived at 4.00 pm. “We are hoping to catch a glimpse of the performers before the show starts, “ said the young enthusiast.

By the time Her Excellency, Lata Reddy, Indian Ambassador to Thailand, arrived with other Indian and Foreign Dignitaries at 7 pm, the reception area was full to capacity. Bangkok’s glitterati rubbed shoulders with insignificant others, all bonded by a universal love – the best of Bollywood music and dance.

The show started impressively on time to a riveting choreography by Swarupraj Medara and his troupe of dancers. Swarupraj has been known to produce innovative and critically acclaimed work. Some of his better-known works include Zee Award Shows and directing famous Bollywood stars such as Salman Khan, Hritik Roshan, Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee.

Harjit Tulsi sparkled through the hosting with quick wit, hilarious words, charming presence and pathetic Thai. “If you enjoyed, my name his Harjit Singh. If you haven’t, my name is Thaksin”, he ended to resounding claps and giggles.

But the stars of the show were no doubt the singers and dancers who have risen to celebrity status thanks to the contests that elevated them to stardom - Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Ek Se Badhkar Ek.

Harpreet Deol pepped up the audience to a medley of Punjabi and Hindi hits, easily mingling, captivating all. Yashita added the Bulgarian and Algerian Diplomats to her fan list with many others through her powerful voice and mellifluous singing while Aneek first took the crowd back in time with old favourites then jolted them back to the present with new hits and a Bengali song, urged by the audience.

Aswathi, Joyeeta and Anindo greeting the Indian Ambassador, Lata ReddyHowever, unarguably, the show stealer among the singers was the 14 year-old Rohanpreet Singh, who proved to be every inch of a born performer with a strong voice, easy rapport with the audience and gracious personality. Rohanpreet initially stole a thousand hearts over the pre-event days with his spontaneous appearances in private parties, restaurants, schools and the Gurudwara. During the show, he won a thousand more, especially when he suddenly stooped down to touch the feet of an elderly ‘Pa-ji’ in a gesture of respect, as he moved through the aisle, mike in hand. By the time the show ended, a queue of girls from six to sixteen squealed to marry him, much to his chagrin and Harjit’s delight.

The Zee Tele Stars and Dancers, Jassi Kaur and Kushal Punjabi looked even more sumptuous upfront. With practiced ease, they glided across the floor in myriad dance performances. Don’t miss the interview with Kushal , especially conducted for his thaindian fans.

Impeccably organized by NCL (NIIFT Co. Ltd.), the local representatives of Zee TV in Thailand, Zee Nite is the first branded Indian entertainment show that will serve as a milestone for many more to come in the future.

More importantly, the show crossed cultural barriers. Famous Thai actor Akara Amarttayakul was suitably impressed. “I love Bollywood songs”, he said. “I sat through six hours of the IIFA show and loved every minute of Zee Nite till the very end. I hope to see more of such Indian shows in the future”, he ended, as he posed patiently with delighted fans. Thai Actress Krystal Vee echoed similar sentiments.

Rohanpreet (middle)For Anindo Aditya, MD of NCL, it is just the beginning. "We, at NCL are highly encouraged and excited by the overwhelming response of ZEE NITE, the first branded musical show in Bangkok. We had the right team and the right approach to win the hearts of people.  Professional shows with a touch of creative brilliance would be the measuring yardstick for all our future shows. We plan to do events which would be qualitatively superior, quantitatively entertaining and emotionally touching the right chord with you."

Abhijeet Ray, Advisor to NCL, adds, "I think it is now evident now that Zee TV provides the perfect medium for all companies running consumer services like Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Stores to advertise themselves to the South Asian audiences here in Thailand, as they represent a lot of high-net-worth individuals.  NCL is open for business and is accepting sponsorships and advertising on the ZEE TV Channel right here in Bangkok.  
As far as Zee Nite is concerned, this was just the beginning of many more shows and carnivals to come.  We are grateful to our sponsors - The Saraff Group, Bawarchi, Bolo Card, Incredible India, Air India and Global Indian School to have faith in us, and for their enthusiastic support to make Zee Nite such a success."

As someone from the audience aptly put it, "The show was fabulous and mesmerizing.... we never realized how soon it got over. We hardly see professional shows like this in Bangkok. Now we eagerly look forward to the next one."


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