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Singh Is Kinng Review - A 'Happy' Entertainer Print E-mail

August 9, 2008
by Joyeeta Dutta Ray


Singh is KinngIf you are prepared to leave your brains behind, Anees Bazmee’s Singh is Kinng may be well worth your while. If not, you will surely be sneering on your seat.

At the outset, the title itself tickles. Christened with the name ‘Happy Singh’, the strapping Akshay Kumar does anything but spread happiness. He is an honest to goodness, large-hearted Sikh village simpleton with the courage of ‘James Bond’ and the finesse of ‘Mr. Bean’.

The film begins with him unsuccessfully dashing after a hen in an attempt to turn it into butter chicken. Far from being able to transform the bird into an epicurean delight, all Happy Singh does is create havoc in the village. He is the eternal ‘do gooder’ who ends up ruining all those he crosses path with, so much so that his ‘best friend’ (Om Puri) turns against him and plots to oust him from the village. Happy is encouraged to fly to Australia where his brother, Lucky Singh (Sonu Sood), reigns as the King of the underworld. Happy is told to lure Lucky back to the village to meet his ailing dad one last time. The friend knows that Lucky will never leave his throne and Happy, being the committed person that he is, will never return to the village without his mission accomplished. In a twist of comic events, the friend unhappily finds himself assisting Happy on this journey.

On the way, they land in Egypt by a stroke of ‘ill-luck’ where Happy finds the woman of his dreams, (a gorgeous Katrina Kaif). After a song, some action and close-ups showcasing Katrina’s curves, a tired and hungry Happy finally reaches Australia with his best friend where a Florist (Kirron Kher) kindly offers food and shelter. Happy locates Lucky but as expected, Lucky refuses to return to the village. Soon, a bullet paralyses Lucky, leaving Happy to take over the throne as the next underworld ‘King’.

What happens next is for you to find out through a series of rib-tickling incidents. Although the film starts off with a flourish, it winds up in a jumbled up ending. Om Puri is nowhere to be seen in the last frames (must have had a tiff with someone on the sets) while Javed Jaffrey suddenly takes center stage, busying himself in a mindless jig towards the end, without any deep-rooted reason.

The power of the movie lies with Akshay Kumar. After No Entry, the actor proves his mettle in comic roles with a level of maturity one never expected of him when he started out. Om Puri is a misfit as the frustrated best friend as is Sonu Sood as Lucky Singh. Neha Dhupia pouts and preens with not much scope to be brilliant.

The surprise element of the film is Katrina Kaif, who along with Akshay, blends into her role with ease. Sudhanshu Pandey too impresses as one of the Lucky’s hit men. Kirron Kher endears as the kind hearted Punjabi Florist who turns out to be Katrina’s mother. The music by Pritam rocks.
Continuing on his winning spree with Blockbusters like Aankhen, Waqt, No Entry, Deewangee and Namaste London etc., Akshay Kumar holds on to his new title of Bollywood’s new King.

Katrina Kaif in Singh is Kinng

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