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Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na - 'Mama kehtey hain bhanja naam karega'! Print E-mail

July 12, 2008
by Joyeeta Dutta Ray


Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane NaYou may come in to see this one for Amir Khan’s association. You may leave the hall raving about his nephew, Imran Khan’s contribution.

It’s a story that has been done to death. The only big stars in this film twinkle high up in the sky. ‘Pappu’ honestly demonstrates that he can’t shake a leg. Genelia attempts to be another Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and ends up as her copy ‘cat’! Yet ‘Jaaney Tu…Ya Jaaney Na’, produced by Mansoor Khan and Amir Khan, written and directed by Abbas Tyrewala, manages to tickle the audience.

Made of sugar and spice and everything nice, Jai Singh Rathore (Imran Khan) is anything but manly. His dairy milk hue, accentuated by a gentle personality, contrast sharply with his tom-boyish, feisty best friend, Aditi (Genelia D’ Souza). Yet, much to the amusement of their friends and family, both display an overenthusiastic sense of loyalty towards each other. Aditi lives with a deeper sense of devotion towards her best friend than her smouldering brother (Prateik Babbar).

Their friends and family can see that Jai and Aditi are in love but the protagonists themselves live in denial. The two part ways to look for love elsewhere but end up evolving with deeper realizations. Saccharine Jai Singh discovers the ‘macho man’ inside him in his quest to win over his girl, much to his sword buckling, departed dad’s delight (brilliantly portrayed by Naseeruddin Shah) and non-violence championing, activist mother, Savitri’s dismay (Ratna Pathak). Aditi loses her curls and finds a manly boyfriend to spend the rest of her days with. How Aditi and Jai are brought together is what differentiates this story from others.

In between, a series of ridiculously etched characters in Arbaz Khan and Sohail Khan as the horse riding heroes and the veteran Paresh Rawail in the guise of a policeman, offer comic relief.

The world of the film is that of youngsters with nonsensical nicknames such as ‘Meow’ and ‘Rats’. Their goal in life is to bring their best friends together in a wedding.

Through all the juvenility and clichés, the film sports a freshness that is partly brought alive with A.R.Rehman’s peppy contributions. The rest of it can be attributed to Tyrewala’s witty dialogues and the newcomers’ fresh presence.

With a weak beginning and a weaker ending, the film could have done better. The ‘Godot’ point towards the end fails to impress. Inspite of it all, Jaaney Tu… Ya Jaaney Na sits well with the audience.

Recommended for the high school ‘pappus’, insanely romantic and those who don’t mind some mindless entertainment.

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