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Exclusive Interview with Kushal Punjabi for Print E-mail

April 10, 2009
by Joyeeta Dutta Ray


Kushal Punjabi1) Firstly, on behalf of, we would like to offer our heartiest congratulations for a riveting performance in Bangkok! Zee Nite has been receiving rave reviews by the Indians, foreign dignitaries and local celebrities who have attended the show. Is it the first time you have performed in Bangkok? How was your experience?

Kushal: Yes! This is the first ever time I am performing in Bangkok and it has been such a wholesome and exhilarating experience. I never knew what to expect but the audience here were so responsive and energetic... my gosh!! What do people eat here? Must be some really high-energy food...(hahaha)... this was one of my most memorable experiences and I so look forward to returning to rock Bangkok again.
2) You are well known as a model, TV Star, actor and dancer. However, you started your career in Jet Airways. How did the transition from Cabin Crew to TV celebrity come about?
Kushal: I was actually going to Dallas to get my flying license so I could work as a pilot but due to the high aviation taxation laws, three prominent domestic airlines shut down and it was pointless for me to study flying when there were no jobs around. So temporarily I joined Jet Airways as a flight attendant just so I could get an interdepartmental transfer into the cockpit at a later stage when the airline situation got better.

Modeling was just a way to make some quick pocket money. After I took part in Gladrags Manhunt Contest and won the Best Physique title, a lot of doors opened up for me. Then I started choreographing fashion shows and dance events and slowly I progressed into acting. Now I’m doing TV and films together. It all just fell into place.
3) Your performance has been declared 'explosive' and 'energetic' by the Bangkok Post. Have you learnt any particular form of dance or does it come to you naturally?
Kushal: Thank you for the lovely compliments. I just hope that I can keep giving my audiences the same energy all the time, every time.
I attended dance classes when I was very young just like how every mother wants their child to learn some extra curricular activity but I always had it in me ... I love performing, dancing acting etc. I love being on stage and making people enjoy. It comes naturally. One can train in dance but not in performance. That just comes from the heart.
4) What would you like to focus more on in the future? Dancing, starring in TV serials or stepping into films in a bigger way?
Kushal: I have always said that there are no rules in an entertainer’s life...dancing, singing, acting whether its on stage, or television or films, as long as you are giving it your best it doesn’t matter... of course films are always the best medium simply because there is more reach and more people can see and appreciate your talent ... so yes!! I am focusing on films at the moment.
5) What did you like most about Thailand?
Kushal: THE PEOPLE... the lovely Thai and my very own Indians... it’s so nice to hear our own language when u go abroad, but the people are so warm and friendly and it’s the people that make a place.... also the food, shopping, beaches!!! Great!
6) Any words for your fans here?
Kushal: I love your response, your energy, your smiles and the love you have shared with me...
I will return and give you all even more sizzling performances and that’s a promise... I am here because of you and your love.
Thank u from the bottom of my heart
Swadee khrab....namaste :)


Abhijeet, Jassi, a friend, Kushal and Anindo

(Abhijeet, Jassi, a friend, Kushal and Anindo)

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