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Bombay to Bangkok: A preview Print E-mail
January 14, 2008
by Amrit Pal

A still from Bombay to BangkokSo the much awaited film "Bombay to Bangkok" is being released on 18th January and chances are that it will not get released in Bangkok.  

On how will it fare in the world of TZP and Halla-Bol, I'd like to keep my fingers crossed. Well, to start with, I really wonder if the movie title and the promos are compelling enough for people to come to the theaters to watch the movie. Only the people who are connected to Thailand in some way will find it interesting.

Let's try to get into the director's shoes and think why he would have taken up a subject of such a movie. Probably, Nagesh wanted to make a very simple movie (which he always does) with his trademark humor, utilizing the Thai actress and locations and the fact that Indians find it very difficult to communicate with the locals.
As Nagesh himself says "One thing I’ve always tried is to not repeat myself. After Iqbal and Dor, it felt like the time was right to enter a different space, the romantic comedy (rom-com) – a genre I hadn’t tapped into since Bollywood Calling. And in that film I had focused more on the humor and less on the romance."
So, the only thing which scores with people though is "humor" but in this movie it will be more contextual than situational. As such, the people who have no idea of culture, traditions, behavior and language of Thais will never understand it. Even the tag line of "same same but different" would not be understood by many. Moreover, I don't expect any extraordinary treatment of this subject- only a simple one. But if it is, it will be a landmark movie and it will be a mistake not to release it here in Bangkok as even the Thais would like to watch it.

"Shankar, a Mumbai cook, in desperate need of money steals from the local Don. Giving the Don's cronies the slip he escapes impersonating a doctor with a team of heading for relief work in Thailand. His plan though goes awry as he loses the all important money bag in the ensuing chaos. In Bangkok his search for the missing loot is derailed when he bumps into a lovely massage girl Jasmine and is instantly smitten! The hitch is she speaks only Thai and he can't converse with her at all."  With such a simple storyline, I am really skeptical if the immensely talented Nagesh can pull the movie off.

If you have seen the promos, you will remember a scene in which a Thai gentleman calls Shreyas Talpade "useless" for not knowing Shahrukh Khan. Who knows Shahrukh Khan in Bangkok anyways? Probably, Nagesh wanted Indian audeince to have some feel-good factor.

Undoubtedly, the new face Lena Christensen is talk of the tinsel town. She is a Thai-Danish actress, television presenter and singer based at Thailand for 15 years now. One of the important reasons why she was selected by Nagesh from the 200 hopefuls was that she could speak good english. Hope the Bangkok Bomshell brings lady luck to the movie!

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