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Saregama-Debojit & Hemani steal the show Print E-mail
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Saregama-Debojit & Hemani steal the show
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saregamapa bangkok

Bangkok rocks with Debojit and Hemani


It was the sultry Friday evening and saregama champions were all set to entice the Bangkokians. Probably the first saregama show in Thailand, it witnessed a large gathering from the Thaindian community.

The event started at 7:30 with some real sumptuous meal- and that was a good start. We were all seated waiting to see our favorite singers in person.

There were some glitches as soon as the event started and the beginning could be termed okay at best. Nothing amazing about it!

Slowly the event gained momentum after pushing past the anthems, introductions (in Hindi, thankfully), and a not so interesting classical song.

saragemapa bangkok debojit Enter Debojit the darling of SMSes with a thunderous and apprehensive applause and took the center stage for almost one hour - singing solo and inviting young girls from the crowd to dance. The beginning was a bit shaky but soon Debojit established himself and got the crowd moving.

saregamapa bangkok Hemani


He then passed the baton on to Hemani who did her job with finesse and her trademark aplomb. Like a veteran she started with slow numbers and then went on to enthrall the crowd with some pop items. Debojit joined her again and they sang some good duets enticing the junta present there.

There were more songs from Debojit as well as Hemani both as solo performances and duets. They could clearly cast a spell on the crowd which was enjoying their performance and was literally dancing to their tunes. At one time, Debojit came down from the stage and danced with the inebriated crowd.


Overall, it was a wonderful experience for the people who attended the show. Definitely one of the memorable events for the event starved community. Overheard that we never had so many events in the past – good for us!


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