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"I just want to be a good person in my life" says wonderkid Ajay! Print E-mail
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"I just want to be a good person in my life" says wonderkid Ajay!
Ajay on exciting moments of his life
Ajay on his favorite movies had the privilege to connect to Ajay Puri who has been an achiever at a very young age and has made the entire thai-indian community proud. In our first article of “Distinguished Indians in Thailand” Series we present the excerpt of his e-mail Interview with us.


TI - First of all please accept heartiest congratulations from the and its members for all your achievements. We are proud of you – to say the least. Please tell us something about yourself.

Ajay - Thank you so much . I am very happy to know you and the website Well I am a very ordinary boy and trying to learn things from my elders.  I am very much interested in animation these days and taking a course in Digital School of Animation in Bangkok.  I am studying in The Regent International School.  I am also very much interested in movies and music. I guess I am influenced by my dad a lot as he is a movie lover. He sometimes gets up early morning at 4 am just to see a movie. I love my mom a lot and specially like her Thai, Italian and Mexican food.  I am amazed by brother who is a very good dancer and overall I love my grandparents who are in India . 
TI -  Your homepage says that you are now MOUS certified? What does this mean? What other certifications do you already have?

Ajay - MOUS means Microsoft Office User Specialist (Currently it is known as MOS which means Microsoft Office Specialist). I have passed my Master Level and I am the youngest person to pass this exam. The certification means that one is well versed in Office Applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage and Outlook.  More than being certified I enjoyed my learning experience.  I am working towards other certification like in animations and Microsoft System Engineer but I have a long way to go. I would suggest all the people to take up this exam because more than certification it teaches you quite a lot of things which you will require while working.

Ajay with Bill Gates and his proud Dad Mr. Ravi PuriTI- How do you feel when people say you are a whiz kid and treat you in a special manner?


Ajay -I do feel happy about it but at the same it puts extra responsibility on my shoulders to carry those expectations.  I just want to enjoy doing what I like to do. After you have reached certain level it is very difficult to maintain that. You have to put in lot of efforts and time in it especially in a field like IT where things are changing so rapidly.

TI- Apart from computers / software, what are your subjects of interest (academically speaking) and other interest areas / hobbies?

Ajay - I am very much interested in subjects such as science.  I am very much interested in Space Technology. I was very much impressed by movie Apollo 13. It shows how 3 people survived in space after their rocket had problem. My other interest are movies, music , cricket , table tennis , football and helping others. 
TI -  In your family who loves you the most? Who do you think has played the most important role in shaping your personality as we see Ajay today?

Ajay - I feel that my Baba, Dadi and my mummy loves me the most.  My papa does love me a lot but he does not show it. He always keeps me on my toes to work hard all the time. 

TI - On an average how many hours do you spend working on computer?

Ajay - Well I guess Its only about 4-5 hours a week mainly on Saturdays and Sundays. I am concentrating more on my school studies right now.  I have recently moved to Regent International School and have made new friends there. I am learning a lot there. Very soon I will be assisting school in their IT work also which will be a very good learning experience.

TI - How many hours do you spend in studying and playing? What outdoor games do you play? Do you think it is important to play outdoor games?

Ajay -I go to school from 7 am to 4 pm. After that it is my play time for 2 hours with my uncles and friends in the building. After that I sit down to study. I play table tennis, foot ball and my favorite cricket.  Yes it is very important to play outdoor games as it keeps you fit. I really need to work more on outdoor games as I guess I am under weight.


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